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This course covers the basics of air pollution and describes:

  • The Clean Air Act
  • The difference between primary and secondary pollutants
  • Natural and human-caused sources of air pollution
  • The concept that pollution is transported globally
  • The Air Quality Index

This course covers basic information about the air pollutant known as Particulate Matter (PM), including:

  • The definition of PM
  • The sources of PM
  • Health effects of exposure to PM
  • An explanation of black carbon
  • Smoke maps and apps

This course covers the air pollutant carbon dioxide (CO2), and includes information about:

  • CO2's role in climate change
  • The carbon balance
  • Sources of CO2 in the US
  • The health effects of high indoor CO2 levels

This course covers the air pollutant carbon monoxide, including:

  • How carbon monoxide is formed
  • Primary sources of carbon monoxide in the US
  • Sources of carbon monoxide indoors
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning

These lesson plans include instructions on how to plan and execute a Trek. Their associated worksheets provide a guide for analyzing the collected data.

This section contains AQTreks instructional documents to guide you through your AQTreks experience.