The GO3 Foundation is a non profit corporation in the State of Colorado dedicated to promoting science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education in the United States and throughout the world. The main focus of the GO3 Foundation is fundraising for the GO3 Project described below.

The GO3 Project is composed of four Projects/Experiments:

Global Ozone Project

Global Ozone ProjectStudents around the world measure ground level ozone at their schools and share their data on Google Earth. Students at 80 schools in 25 countries have contributed nearly two million ozone measurements in the past two years. Ground level ozone is damaging to human health, crops, and ecosystems and is an important greenhouse gas.

Black Carbon Experiment

Black Carbon ExperimentStudents around the world measure Black Carbon at their schools and share their data on Google Earth. Recent studies estimate that black carbon has contributed up to 20% of warming and 40% of glacier melting to date. Because black carbon remains in the atmosphere for only about two weeks on average, control of black carbon emissions has been identified as the most cost effective way for slowing climate change in the near future. Black carbon is also harmful to human health, causing millions of asthma attacks and premature deaths each year worldwide.


CO2 Experiment

CO2 ExperimentStudents around the world measure carbon dioxide at their schools and share their data on Google Earth. Average carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere have increased from 280 ppm to nearly 400 ppm over the past century and are expected to double within a few decades. There is now a consensus among atmospheric and climate scientists that these increased levels of carbon dioxide have already begun to result in climate change with increases in surface temperatures and melting of glaciers. CO2 emissions are believed to be the principal cause of global warming. In the CO2 Experiment students make measurements that show how their own community is contributing to global climate change.

GO3 Treks

GO3 TreksIn this exciting project, students use personal monitors to measure the primary pollutant black carbon and the secondary pollutant ozone along "treks" they design and carry out. Based on the provided curriculum, students form and test their own hypotheses about where these two pollutants are expected to have and high and low concentrations. The treks are displayed on Google Earth in a blog format where they discuss their results with other students, teachers and scientists around the world.

GO3 Project Goals

The goals of the GO3 Project are both educational and scientific.  Some of the major goals include:

  Provide an exciting research experience for high school students

  Increase awareness of environmental concerns such as air pollution, stratospheric ozone depletion and global warming

  Provide a high density network of pollution monitoring stations throughout the world for use by atmospheric scientists

  Teach students important concepts such as chemical measurement methods; instrumentation; calibration; data acquisition using computers; data quality; statistics; data analysis and graphing; posting of data to the web; the chemistry of air pollution; stratospheric ozone depletion and global climate change

  Encourage more students to attend college with majors in science and engineering

  Increase the representation of minorities and women in the science and engineering professions


We are seeking grant funds and personal, business and corporate sponsors for instrument packages for public schools.  To learn more about sponsoring one or more schools, go to the Sponsorship page.

A copy of our IRS 501c3 determination letter (EIN: 27-0906955; DLN: 17053293310039) is posted here.